What we do

TMV produces parts made of blanked metal sheet using blanking, fine blanking, bending, deep drawing and coining. In our technical department, we design moulds to realize finished parts and we arrange directly for milling and assembly phases. We manufacture blanked and bent parts for different fields: arms, automotive, precision mechanics. Our company consists of two production departments:

Costruzione stampi

Moulds construction and maintenance

We follow all production phases

Stampaggio lamiera

Cold sheet moulding

We can obtain parts respecting very low tolerances

Moulds construction and maintenance

From the design to the final test

Our company handles in house all the production stages: the design, the construction and the maintenance of the moulds. We follow their realization in every detail: milling, heat treatment, grinding, wire erosion, assembly and final test, including the machining and the shaving removal.

Our moulds are manufactured with high-speed steel, super high-speed steel and powder steel. Pre-series samples are realized before series production. Customer order can be supervised by our technical department for a better result, a better performance and an economic saving (co-design).

Wire erosion
Wire erosion
Mould assembly

Metal sheet machining and moulding

We manufacture parts made from moulded sheet as per customer’s drawing, using cold sheet moulding and moulds internally made. Once the mould has been realized we start series production of components with the related processing: metal sheet blanking, fine blanking, metal sheet bending, coining, deep drawing, assembly and milling. In particular, the fine blanking allows to obtain parts with reduced tolerances and surface finishes, crucial in certain fields such as automotive.

The moulding is mainly carried out in two ways: semi-automatic/manual and automatic moulding.



Among the different working executed by TMV on metal sheet, there is the traditional blanking. We make blanking and metal sheet cutting, bending and deforming, as per customer’s requirements. Once the mould is realized by TMV, it is installed directly on TMV presses for blanking. Thus, we speed up the process and we monitor the entire production process.
Thanks to the traditional metal sheet blanking process, we obtain parts, which do not require specific precision levels.

Fine blanking

Fine blanking

One of our strengths is the fine blanking: the part is cut and blanked with surface finishes and more restricted tolerances than the traditional blanking.

Thanks to the fine blanking, there is a much more considerable saving of time and money than with the milling process.


Bending and deep drawing

Often, after the cut, the metal sheet needs a further working: the bending, which consists in permanently deforming the metal sheet or steel which, thus, becomes three-dimensional.

Furthermore, we produce bent and deep drawn parts achieved with deep drawing, a working that enables metal sheet to take the shape of a box or of a cylindrical or concave shape starting from a full metal sheet.



TMV carries out both simple bending and coined bending also called coining.
Coining is a working used to thin the metal sheet in several areas, in order to obtain a thickness variation. Thanks to the coining, ribs are formed on the metal sheet; they give higher rigidity to the part, making it more resistant and less subject to elastic deformations.



Our machines in the moulding department are:

  • mechanical presses from 30 tons to 200 tons
  • a fine blanking press of 160 tons
  • a fine blanking press of 250 tons

Furthermore, we have several tooling and precision devices. For the production of moulds, we employ numerical control machines and software CAD/CAM systems. Work processes and the administrative part are assigned to an internal management monitoring programme.
During the working, our production manager supervises it all. On customer’s demand, it is possible to issue reports to give information on the work progress.

sangiacomo t250 press
Years of experience
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Our history

In the seventies two brothers, after a long training period both in Italy and abroad, decided to set up their own business. TMV was founded in Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia) and the company has been dealing in blanking and metal sheet bending for over 40 years. For over 20 years, we are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

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